Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power


Hi! I'm the person behind The Secondhand Librarian.

As an avid reader and "collector" aka hoarder of books, I was always wanting more but my budget and conscience wouldn't allow me to. As someone who believes in implementing sustainable practices in my life, book hunting was no exception. I would scour every thrift store, flea market, and yard sale for books on my to-read list. And although I enjoyed the hunt, I knew that others didn't.


I began to think of how I could introduce sustainable reading into others' lives and from this idea, The Secondhand Librarian was created. I find the gems that others have discarded and then offer them to you at an affordable cost. If you ever want to find me, I'm either in my Rochester apartment cozied up with my husband or you'll see me at Highland Park taking my cat Miso on a walk.




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