Who Are We?

Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power


TSL Mission

The Secondhand Librarian's mission is to get as many books into as many hands that want them. Reading has subtly shifted into a classist endeavor with books costing anywhere from $12-$30. At TSL, we make it our goal to not only produce books sustainably but to also price them in a way that is both attainable and accessible. Reading is knowledge and knowledge is power and we believe everyone should have access to that.

TSL has officially joined the Luna Co-Op, a creative and collaborative studio based in Rochester, NY.

Meet The Owner


Taylor Ellis

Hi, I'm Taylor! I created The Secondhand Librarian as a passion project of mine, grown out of my love of reading and all things secondhand. When I'm not running my bookstore or reading, I'm hanging out with my husband and our cute cat in Rochester, NY.

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