frequently asked questions

Do you accept book donations?

Yes! I love donations and am always accepting them. If you're local, reach out to me and we can figure out a drop off/contactless pick-up arrangement. If not local, contact me and I'll let you know where to ship :) I also let everyone know in advance that even if I don't keep all of the books donated to me, I always drop them off at a local thrift store so that they can hopefully find another new home.

Are you hiring?

I'm not currently hiring but boy am I flattered that you asked! :P

Can I forgo shipping if I live locally?

Definitely! Select the pick-up option at checkout and it will automatically forgo shipping. I am currently offering curbside pick-up at The Rochester Brainery. For curbside pick-up: -Located at The Rochester Brainery -Pick-up are Thursdays ONLY from 3 pm-7 pm -Once arrived, call Rochester Brainery at (585)-730-70344 and give them your name and let them know you're there for The Secondhand Librarian. They will come out to your car with your order and you're good to go! -The day of, you will revieve an email letting you know that your order is ready for pick-up. However, I drop off orders before 3 so it's safe to assume that after 3, your order will be ready :)

What are the various tags found on some of the books?

I try to be cognizant of things that may trigger people so for certain books, I felt a content warning would be helpful! NSFW-Not safe for work, explicit content TW-I applied a trigger warning to books that discussed serious and difficult topics like sexual assault, etc. Mental Health-This is a tag that I gave books that talked about various mental health disorders. For example, one of my favorite books talks about OCD. If you suffer with that, it can be somewhat triggering to read about it. I try and keep warnings fair yet reasonable. That being said, if you think I missed a content warning on a book please message me directly and I can take a look at it!

How do pre-orders work?

I do pre-orders to ensure that I order the right amount of product and don't over buy. When you pre-order an item, it takes about two weeks for it to reach you. I try and make sure I give it enough time for all people to buy the item before it is out of stock and then I place the order on my end. If you ever have any questions about this, feel free to email me.

Do you make book recommendations?

I absolutely love doing this! If you'd like a special recommendation, you can purchase the Dealers Choice item in the store. From there, if you just leave me a little note at check-out about genres/themes/interests that you enjoy, I can try and find you a book that I think you'll love!

Do you have a physical space?

Not yet! I'm currently a small little virtual bookstore but the long term goal is to open up a physical space sometime in the future. For now, I host pop-up events at The Rochester Brainery. This is a way for my customers to come in and browse books in person and it also allows me to meet all of you amazing people! I often update on my Instagram for my next pop-up event so definitely keep your eyes open.