"Most of us become aware at some point that what we desire for ourselves falls short of who we have become, that we are not fully living the life we imagined. But how can we begin. Is it life necessary to get divorced, quit our jobs, or move to the other side of the world? 'It's Never Too Late' emphasizes the small and humble changes we can make, for example, committing to something as simple as turning off the TV as a way of creating far-reaching ripple effects in our lives. On each page, Patrick Lindsey outlines a suggestion, gently encourages us to see its value, and links it to a time-honored proverb, ranging from old-fashioned horse sense to profound insights on human nature. The rewards can be monumental even if they seem invisible, from falling in love to really hearing what our kids have to say, from reinventing ourselves to learning how to live and let live. As we turn the pages, we see that the wisdom of the ages can and ought to be applied to how we conduct our lives. When Lindsay suggests, 'It's never too late to persevere', he reminds us of Jean de la Fountaine's famous quote 'Patience and time do more than force and rage'. The aim is to grow rather than stagnate, to liberate ourselves rather than inhabit our limitations. The results can be a new you, because it is never too late."

It's Never Too Late...172 simple acts to change your life